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Weight Gain, Metabolism and the Myths That Go With It


Metabolism and Weight Gain

Here’s a common comment I hear from patients:  “Hey Dr Ehlers, I am gaining weight. I think it’s because my metabolism is low or slowing down!”

Or, maybe not! People talk about their metabolism a lot. They think that when they gain weight it is because their metabolism is low. That can be true but I often discover that people who gain weight have a metabolism which is too high. When metabolism is too high, it can make people nervous, tired, and hungrier. This is measured by Basal Metabolic Rate. That is measured by BioImpedance testing performed here at the clinic.

Impact of Exercise and Diet

Here’s another common comment I hear from patients: “Dr Ehlers, I have been skipping meals and exercising, but the scale is not moving! I thought if I just cut out calories and walked, I would lose weight.”

Often people skip meals, thinking they will lose weight. The reverse is true. The body will think it is starving and hold onto water and fat. Timely eating allows body’s engine to burn the fuel at a regular pace, not get starved then overfed. Most folks who skip meals or go more than six hours without eating healthy food, will overeat the next meal. The excess calories then get stored as fat, no matter what they deprived themselves of all day. If we do this practice of starve/over eat, our body will crave sugar to get the energy up fast and high. As high as energy gets, it will also drop as low…and quickly.

What to do?

Here are some first steps:

  • Have a BioImpedance test
  • See how many calories a day you need to eat
  • Have Dr. Ehlers prepare a sheet of what foods to eat, how much of them, when to eat them.

Welcome to the experience of energy, strength and your true healthy weight!

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