First Line Therapy/Lifestyle Medicine

Nutrition, exercise and stress management can no longer be considered as “Alternative Medicine”, they are ESSENTIAL MEDICINE.

FirstLine Therapy is this and more:

  • A Way of Living & Eating to fit patient’s needs and goals
  • “My” Menu Plan
  • Personalized Supplementation
  • Physical Activity
  • Transforming Stress
  • Using Kinetic Activity Monitor (KAM)
  • The so-hard-to-do Behavior Change: Strategy to Execution leading to Success! (Let us help you!)
  • An Operating System leading to a healthy Way of Life

With Dr Ehlers as the Certified Health Care Practitioner working with Kim Schott and Cindy Dykstra, Lifestyle Educators, the patient receives a personalized calorie plan for successful weight reduction, cholesterol and blood fat normalization, increased energy and diminished pain!

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